At Elysian...
  • Students will be taught to live in the real world. Elysian is modeled after the Bank Street School for Children. Its tried and true approach is built on the belief that the world is a laboratory for students. Even our youngest students are constantly looking to their families, their school and their community as the basis for study. Our students learn to view learning as a life long process - one of the most important lessons taught at the school is how to understand something. These critical thinking skills help our students get more out of their lives - now and in the future.

  • Literacy and responsible social interaction are valued and promoted.

  • Basic skills will be mastered.
  • 15 students in each class assures that our teachers understand each student's stage of development in order to teach him or her effectively.
  • Teachers help students face new educational challenges as they gain a firmer grasp of skills they've already acquired.
 And at Elysian, we believe that...
  • The most important thing our school does is provide an atmosphere in which children feel secure enough to take risks.
  • We must cultivate a diverse community of children who learn together and from each other.
  • Members of our educational community contribute to the school through commitment, action and reflection.
  • The values and educational agenda we can instill in the children of our local community will lead them to become outstanding contributing members of the global community.
  • Academic growth can't be separated from personal and social growth. The desire to understand the world is built into human beings, and we learn about ourselves and the world through experience.
  • Student development doesn't follow a straight line - it involves changes in the way a person understands and copes with the world.